Prime Guidance consultants have decades of experience delivering results for all types of companies.

Steve Yates

CEO / Founder

Steve Yates has held leadership roles at multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 retailers such as Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods and eBay Enterprise. He has 25 years’ experience in retail management and 18 years’ experience in eCommerce. Steve provides strategic advice and innovative solutions.

Sprigley Allan

Sr. Consultant

Sprigley Allan is an experienced digital marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in all things internet marketing. Having owned and worked for companies that did SEO, SMM, SEM and Amazon Marketing he is a dedicated and results-oriented expert in online marketing.

Robert Baron

Sr. Consultant

With Robert’s 28 years of retail and eCommerce experience he has led purchasing teams with Amazon and held key Sales and Marketing positions with top companies such as Epson, Canon, Sega and Hasbro. His long term strategic thinking along with his attention to the granular details has allowed for successful product launches with major E-Commerce players along with traditional retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, MicroCenter, Frys Electronics and OfficeMax.

Paul Becker

Sr. Consultant

With extensive omnichannel experience in leadership roles such as GM, CMO, Department Head and Senior Consultant, Paul has helped companies such as Costco, Hasbro, Spencer’s Gifts, The United States Mint, Ancestry.com and private equity firms grow faster and increase efficiencies.

Wes Beckwith

Sr. Consultant

Wes Beckwith has more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, driving success through SEO, vertical marketing and design. Wes has a diverse background from web advertising to Apple Engineering/Analysis, and Amazon Marketing giving him a broad perspective into Amazon’s algorithm

Jerry Compton

Sr. Consultant

Jerry Compton has over 25 years of retail and eCommerce experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and Fry’s exceeding $100M annually. Jerry's employment with Amazon for 10 years allows him an opportunity to share his first hand eCommerce experience with clients who are seeking new business opportunities with Amazon Marketplace.

Jennifer DiLuzio

Sr. Consultant

With over 30 years in Consumer Business Development, Jennifer DiLuzio has managed E-Commerce businesses exceeding 60M a year. Jennifer takes great pride in helping manufacturers with Brand strategy and building a strong base for a sustainable future.

Christine English

Sr. Consultant

Christine English is a 25+ year Retail / eCommerce veteran in electronics, home, closeout, and startups. Vendor partnerships are her specialty. She is a B2B/ B2C operational expert in closing the gap between the business and development groups, building and rebuilding profitable business.

Michelle Peden

Executive Assistant

Victor Dwyer

Marketing Specialist

It is my passion to constantly learn and keep up with the latest marketing strategies so I can be ready for what the future holds.

Nick Studniski


Strives for excellence